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How it works

Here are few points about how we operate

Profitable Mining solution

We provide verious mining package according to profit ratio

Free Mining system

Can't purchase any package? we also provide absolutely free mining packs.

Affiliate system

We provide up to 40% commissions for any people you refer

Instant System

In Hashmax both purchase and withdrawl is automatic and happens within a matter of seconds.


Recent Payouts

4 minutes ago 0.01400233 BTC 1Fqoz2JhXdHgyLxstvAF36fWPpt8zXXX Gold miner 3726d9a0bf34ae265ec3...
4 minutes ago 0.28071486 BTC 13nCMaHDNRGM29UfMMkhUQjHkVYY1XXX Gold miner 65940b4d9d7c00815414...
5 minutes ago 0.0185044 BTC 1ArUJeEt2YS9cFbA96DFt7YnvModaXXX Silver miner c0a8c7496e4b13396458...
5 minutes ago 0.16450147 BTC 1KhrisbsFrA5jXJuLBX37qTxPewmiXXX Gold miner 12a4f44e440257e6805a...
5 minutes ago 0.0078163 BTC 358BSEYt7T9nrd9mfMBL7WExwABTXXXX Basic miner 59fc45c33b4df6af4e80...
6 minutes ago 0.01711917 BTC 33GZmbdQGzNTcbZUXE6H9gu6dkUxMXXX Gold miner a22d5f97dc116b672190...
6 minutes ago 0.03346796 BTC 33RXUhVcja3gUx95ZCsbowE2xRe3KXXX Gold miner 96e493eaa85406636418...
7 minutes ago 0.0233474 BTC 33BEnMevKipNzsQWuiuQpYgBPS2p7XXX Gold miner 91ba906e7bfb3b019ad7...
7 minutes ago 0.22460741 BTC 32D69Ay3LRVhHoxHQunj84nXvzEbkXXX Silver miner f057ae2fd2d3cbfde764...
12 minutes ago 0.00891267 BTC 1F2GCcmUQJGmrqz6gC6tACTNzijuBXXX Gold miner 1d202617df6cda800bdb...
12 minutes ago 0.02225382 BTC 193yh1GWKkN2suaofu5Gifo4uKAcwXXX Gold miner e3e0eb5a5507925be982...
13 minutes ago 0.00817982 BTC 1B98Bnyrw2KP1whgvwuxVQgr4VgL9XXX Gold miner f034582ac96f4a47d568...
13 minutes ago 0.2804513 BTC 1KXFXnnVX7ciNx3U6q57AKG1nbAbyXXX Basic miner aab3250780069d0ec1c6...
14 minutes ago 2.0391422 BTC 3CffYQtSXH2x4u3WJijz8BzbjJ6DAXXX Gold miner dca86dbffd3ff3fed3b8...
14 minutes ago 0.01168252 BTC 12zFVMdcu3GdLxFXqNouKXLjP7CjxXXX Basic miner ffc63b3b904d6b4b12df...

Affiliate Commission

Invite your friends and get 10% each time they upgrade You can also upgrade your plan to increase affiliate rate up to 40%

Our service make Bitcoin mining absolitely easy for every person! You don't need to buy expensive equipment and loose your time to configure mining servers - just select Bitcoin mining plan and start to earn right now!

Put your investing ideas into action with a full range of investments. Enjoy real benefits and rewards on your accrue investing.

Frequently asked questions

Hashmax is an industry leading Bitcoin mining pool. All of the mining power is backed up by physical miners located in EU. We aim to provide you with the easiest possible way to make money without having to do any of the hard stuff. We aim to keep bills down and mining power high.

No, this is not a ponzi scheme. This is an investment in Crypto-currencies mining, similar to the stock market.

Sign up providing your wallet address and start generating Bitcoin. You can create Bitcoin wallet using online services like Blockchain.info.

You can buy and sell Bitcoins on Bitcoin trading platforms like LocalBitcoins.

You can generate 0.0003 BTC every day without investments. You can also upgrade your cityBTC to generate up to 0.08000000 BTC every day.

Our starting package is 0.01 BTC, it's a small investment to test the waters and get familiar with the technology without much risk. We guarantee up to 20 BTC investment for lifetime from the date you start mining. If you decide to cancel within this timeframe you will receive your initial funds less all amounts paid to you during that time period

You will earn 10% to 40% every time your referral gets upgrade depending on your cityBTC plan. All referral earnings are listed here

Withdrawal applications are generally processed instantly, in rare cases withdrawals can be processed manually and take longer.

Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.005 BTC. Minimal upgrade amount is 0.01 BTC.

Hashmax currently does not support upgrading from internal cityBTC wallet yet. Upgrade can be done with external wallets only.

Hashmax upgrades have no limits and works as long as our data centers are powered. Our uptime is 99% so upgrade confidently.